Prior to immigrating to the United States, I had no exposure to Mexican food or Salsa.  I remember when I had Salsa for the first time at a friend's party, it was 'Love at First Bite’.  Rippy also loves Mexican food, particularly Salsa.


Over the years, I started experimenting by combining the traditional ingredients of fresh Salsa with Indian spices. The salsa was an instant hit with family, friends and coworkers.  Even though we have served Salsa at large events where it’s been the most popular item on the menu, I never thought about doing this as a commercial venture.  My wife, family and friends have been asking me for years to sell my Salsa but it was not until about a year or so ago that I decided to take the leap. Thus began the journey of Khalsa Salsa.


As we’ve built our life together in the United States,  making our Indian-fusion salsa has become a family tradition. Now, we want to share the taste  with the world.